EVEN IN GOOD TIMES...benefits are complicated and confusing. Employees often don’t understand the available options, miss opportunities to save money, make uninformed health care decisions, and are stressed about finances. Despite a company's investment in what are often great benefits, its employees can end up frustrated and disengaged. This can cost significantly in terms of productivity, claims costs, missed tax savings and even higher turnover.

As workers and employers all continue to grapple with the unprecedented  challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, clear and consistent communication is more important than ever. 


Improving communications can address these problems and help both companies and employees succeed. Reaching out with sincere, clear, action-oriented messages (and cutting the jargon) can help build trust and reduce a lot of the anxiety people are rightfully feeling right now. Strategically choosing the timing and type of communication based on employee needs is another important way to demonstrate your company's dedication to its people. And helping them become smarter benefits consumers pays off for everyone.

Rolling Field Communications specializes in designing outreach that will drive better outcomes at your company. Read more about our services. We look forward to starting a conversation!

Two-thirds (67%) of employees say reading about their benefits is complicated, long or stressful.           —Aflac Workforces report

One-third (35%) of employees don't understand, or know nothing about, their health benefits.            —Maestro Health survey

Employees are 13x more likely to be engaged when they feel well-informed about matters that are relevant to them.                           —Alight Workforce Mindset Study


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Lisa has been helping companies and non-profits achieve their communication goals for 25 years. Since 2003, she has focused on creating B2B and B2C content and marketing solutions for defined-benefit and defined-contribution retirement plans, tax-advantaged benefit plans, group medical plans, and investment and consumer health education. She earned a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Masters in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago.

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