The client featured here is the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), which offers group medical and retirement plans to 900 electric co-ops and approximately 100,000 participants nationwide. These print pieces were designed to educate, provide action-oriented guidance, and develop loyalty among member co-ops and their employees to NRECA benefit programs and its investment management services.

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Consumer Marketing & Education

401(k) Plan Welcome Brochure
Writing, Creative Direction/Brand Management
This brochure was part of a successful outreach campaign to get new 401(k) plan participants more engaged in their own retirement saving and planning in order to make them more effective long-term investors (inserts and other components not shown). 
FP RS 2009.jpg
Defined Benefit Pension Plan Participant Newsletter
Writing, Editorial Direction
Many employees think of a pension as "just waiting for me"—but this newsletter educates and encourages them to stay actively informed about their benefits.
Transplant booklet.jpg
Medical Plan Participant Guide
Guides like this encourage medical plan participants to use designated centers of excellence for better-quality (and more cost-efficient) outcomes.
401(k) Plan Participant Newsletter
Writing, Editorial and Creative Direction
To reach 65,000 401(k) plan participants with effective messaging each quarter, Financial Power publishes different newsletter versions tailored by age group.
Straight Talk.jpg
Syndicated Financial Education Column
Straight Talk columns were distributed to co-op members for use in their own consumer publications, a potential readership of 40 million.
Energize article.jpg
Medical Plan Participant Article ("Take a Walk")
Energize readership includes 70,000 medical plan participants and their family members. The newsletter promotes healthy lifestyles along with providing updates on NRECA medical benefits.

B2B Marketing & Education

Co-op Advantage Brochure_Page_1.jpg
External Sales Brochure
Writing, Creative Direction/Brand Management
This brochure focuses on the culture of cooperatives as distinct from the for-profit competition.
Executive Summary Flyer.jpg
Executive Summary
Writing, Creative Direction
Who wants to read a plain old list of facts? We went with a friendly infographic format instead.
Plan Features Flyer
Writing, Creative Direction
For co-op management seeking to make a decision about a new plan feature, this flyer gives them the skinny in an easy-to-digest format.
Training Brochure for Business Partners
Writing, Brand Management
Co-ops are different from for-profit insurance clients, and this brochure helped a new business partner understand how and why.
External Sales Flyer
Writing, Creative Direction/Brand Management
This flyer was designed to serve as a pre- or post-sales-call summary highlighting several strengths of NRECA plans. 

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