The days of simply handing out benefits booklets for annual enrollment are over! The most effective benefits communications happen when you take the initiative to offer your employees relevant, useful information throughout the year. It also means reaching people through channels that fit their work styles and lifestyles. 


We know you don't want to brag, but you offer some darn good benefits. Targeted posts and articles can share that value with your employees. Put the spotlight on new programs and correct common misconceptions. Give them the kind of tips and advice that will save them money, reduce their stress and improve their health.


97% of Americans text at least once a day, and 89% have their smart phones accessible at all times. Texts are a great way to remind employees about contribution deadlines, spending flex dollars or an upcoming event.


As a marketing tool, video can't be beat—72% of consumers prefer learning about products or services via video, and viewers are much more likely to remember what they saw in a video (95%) versus what they read (10%). Video is simply a great way to connect, even if it's just through short clips.


No, print is not dead! There are times and places when giving people written info that they can hold in their hands works best. We can provide content only, or deliver printed pieces to your door.


A meeting with eating is always a great way to get people engaged. And webinars are ideal for remote staff. We can work with you to develop presentations for both formats.


Are any of your employees not on email? It's a direct, easy way to reach people with important updates and reminders—and to link to online resources or short videos.


How is your intranet or company website doing when it comes to UX (user experience)? If this is a channel your employees rely on for benefits information, the answer should be "it rocks." Let's make sure it does.


If you're holding a wellness event, launching a friendly competition, or trying to get folks to meet a deadline, don't underestimate these traditional methods of grabbing attention. Posters aren't just for break rooms anymore!

Whether you need to outsource your communications efforts or just need extra support for your in-house team, we can help.

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