Not all employee communication can happen over Zoom. As your company moves forward, evaluating and possibly redefining its processes and outreach, it's important to have a communications strategy that fits your employees' changing circumstances. Here are just a few options in your communications toolbox.


Webinars have taken on new prominence as a way to safely reach employees, customers and business partners with important news and thought leadership. We can help create engaging webinars for both internal and external audiences. 


People are craving connection. And your employees need the most up-to-date, thorough information you can provide—about evolving company policies, safety measures, programs that can help them, and yes, benefits. Sincere, straightforward updates in your company blog or e-newsletters can provide critical touch points.


Pre-pandemic, 72% of consumers already said they preferred learning about products or services via video. Viewers are much more likely to remember what they saw in a video (95%) versus what they read (10%). Now that TV shows are sometimes broadcast from a host's living room, video has taken on an even more personal quality. Under-produced, simple videos are best for connecting with employees in an authentic way. 


Nope, print is still not dead. There are times and places when giving people written info that they can hold in their hands works best. Don't rule out this method of delivering information that has a shelf life.


A direct, easy way to reach people with important updates and reminders—and to link to online resources or short videos.


97% of Americans text at least once a day, and 89% have their smart phones accessible at all times. Used strategically (that means not too much), texts are a good way to send reminders about approaching deadlines or to encourage quick action by linking elsewhere.


How is your intranet or company website doing when it comes to UX (user experience)? Are people relying on it—or ignoring it? Making sure your employee-facing website delivers the resources people need is always important, but even more critical now.


Businesses with onsite workers may have even more need today for signage. And don't think of posters as simply "do this, don't do that" reminders. Use them as a way to connect with employees with humanity and levity. 

Whether you need to outsource your communications efforts or just need extra support for your in-house team, we can help.

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